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The 1v1 United States Soccer Federation is committed to fostering the highest levels of sportsmanship, competition, and showcasing the skills of soccer players nationwide.

We’re a member of the 1v1 International Soccer Federation. Together, we hope to make 1v1 an exciting and integral part of soccer worldwide.

If you’d like to talk to us about holding a tournament in your area, please contact us to discuss. We work with a variety of organizations.



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1v1 is played on a 20×40 pitch. The field has a center line with cones used as “goals.” The object of the game is to hit at least one of the cones. A point is awarded each time a player hits the opponents cones. All the rules of the regular game of soccer apply except slide-tackling is not allowed and is treated as a foul(See rules below). Our game promotes clean competition and creativity on the ball. Matches are 3 minutes each starting and finishing with the sound of the horn. Each player plays 5 round robin games against other players in his/her age bracket. After all round robin games have been played, The top 4 finishers, in each age group (1&2 in each 6 player bracket), play in semi-final matches. Winners then play for gold and silver medals. The two players knocked out will be awarded 3rd and 4th place medals.

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Tennessee State Championship
(June 1, 2013 @ Nashville, TN)

Boys 9:
Champion: Xander Ross*
2nd Place: Jordan McGoffin
3rd Place: Davis McQueen

Boys 10:

Champion: Ellington Fuller*
2nd Place: Reid McAdams*
3rd Place: Quinn Kunath* & Blake Jones

Boys Exhibition:

Champion: Sevon Pendergrass*
2nd Place: Carter Nadeau

Girls 10:

Champion: Georgia Hunley
2nd Place: Josie McCullars*
3rd Place: Juliette Arnold* & Sydney Kramer

*SuperSkillsUSA Member